Pricing and Options
Post Jobs With Credits
  • You'll always save time with credits
  • Load your account with Job Credits in advance to post jobs easily and quickly
  • Simply purchase the number of credits that's right for you and start posting jobs
Each Credit is $49

  • 1 credit ........$49
  • 2 credits ........$98
  • 3 credits ........$147
  • 4 credits ........$196
  • 5 credits ........$245

Purchase as many credits as you'd like
Questions and Answers

What are Credits?

Think of credits as Ethanol Job's very own currency.
Simply load your account with credits to post jobs as you need.

What Are My Job Posting Options?
How Many Credits Do I Need?

The credit cost of a job will depend on which type of job you select.

  1. Featured Jobs (logo included) are 3 credits. See Example
  2. Standard Job Post + Logo is 2 credits. See Example
  3. Standard Job Posts are 1 credit. See Example

How Long are My Credits Good For?

Credits don't expire. Sign in to see your credit balance at the top left column of the page.