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Company: United Wisconsin Grain Producers LLC

Date Posted: May 24, 2019

United Wisconsin Grain Producers LLC (UWGP) seeks a qualified, motivated, hard-working Production Manager for its 60-million gallon ethanol production facility near Friesland, Wisconsin.  UWGP celebrated a safety milestone of 10 years without a Lost Time Accident!

The ideal candidate must have intimate knowledge of all ethanol plant operations.  Industrial production/process plant management or supervision experience preferred. 

Duties and Responsibilities of the Job:

  • Oversee 24/7, 365 days plant production processes
  • Hire, train, oversee, discipline and terminate plant production opertors and schedule accordingly
  • Continue and encourage plant operator training for continuous education and improvement - primarily on-the-job training but also utilizing outside venues as needed and available
  • Ensure all plant production Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are up-to-date and being followed
  • Strive for maximum efficiency and minimum downtime in plant production processes
  • Communicate all production/process changes (trials of equipment, process changes, input changes, and other optimization efforts)
    • Review cause/effect - collaborate with QA Manager, Lab Manager and Plant Engineer (and with Maintenance Manager when applicable) to arrive at conculsions/solutions - typically facilitated in weekly plant production meeting
  • Develop data specific plant production volume/yield targets and coordinate efforts to reach them
  • Remain current and enforce compliance with all safety, environmental and other regulatory compliance programs and procedures in plant operations.  Use appropriate/required PPE.
    • Assist with development and implementation of lockout/tagout and confined space procedures as required by Safety Manager
  • Coordinate work efforts and facilitate communication between departments
  • Support and weigh-in to optimize water management (treatment) programs and requirements
  • Perform and/or schedule routine plant and plant equipment cleaning (CIPs)
  • Define, communicate and enforce production plant housekeeping standards and expectations
  • Work with Maintenance Manager to staff and manage plant shutdowns - minimizing shutdown frequency and length
  • Remain current on latest available technology, identify plant bottlenecks, and research ways to overcome them
  • Work with Plant Engineer to implement and manage approved process improvements (capital projects)
  • Communicate with and report to CFO/General Manager regularly
  • Complete any and all tasks assigned by the CFO/General Manager
  • Report to UWGP investors and Board of Directors upon request


  • Must have intimate knowledge of all ethanol plant operations
  • Industrial production/process plant management or supervision experience preferred
  • Need to be hard working and self-motivated
  • Must be able to climb ladders and steps, walk on hard surfaces for long periods of time and lift up to 60 pounds
  • Must be able to work at heights
  • Must reside, or be willing to relocate to, within 30 miles of plant
  • Must be willing and available to support 24/7, 365 day production plant operations as needed

This position will appeal to confident and challenge seeking individuals.  This position is for day shift, Monday through Friday.  UWGP offers salary commensurate with experience and results, and a modern professional, results focused, work environment.


Application Instructions

Contact Information:

United Wisconsin Grain Producers LLC (UWGP)
Attn:  Suzanne Wendt
W1231 Tessmann Drive
Post Office Box 247
Friesland, WI  53935
Phone:  920-348-5016
Fax:  920-348-5009

Web: (for a full listing of open positions)

Job Details
Location Friesland, WI
Closing Date Jun 21, 2019